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On Tolkien Reading Day, last 25 March, I had the extreme pleasure of receiving an e-mail from the Tolkien Society informing me that my paper had been accepted for presentation at the Tolkien 2019 convention in Birmingham next August. I was already working on the subject I had chosen, because it is an important part of my research : “Artists in Middle-Earth: illustrating The Lord of the Rings” deals with the two illustrated editions of this narrative.

I have now finished the first draft of my talk and am ready to embark on the adventure of editing the whole thing, so I thought I’d share the abstract:

Among the many British editions of The Lord of the Rings published since 1954-55, only two sets of illustrations were inserted within the pages. The first one was created by Ingahild Grathmer and Eric Fraser for the Folio Society edition of 1977, and the second by Alan Lee for the Centenary edition of 1991-1992. Their approach to the text and to text-image relationships highlight their reading of Tolkien’s words. In this paper I offer to take a detailed look at these illustrations – some of which being part of today’s collective imaginary – how they interact with the text and how they shed light on it. This paper will also examine the artists’ own sources of inspiration, and how looking at past artworks helped them shape their visual interpretations of Tolkien’s story.

I am looking very much forward to presenting it to Tolkien scholars and fans in a little more than two months!

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  1. This was a great talk! I enjoyed it thoroughly. This is what I posted on the Event App that was available during the event.

    «The author deserves full praise for a perfectly arranged discussion on two major LotR editions and the illustrators’ approach to them. Probably one of the talks where I learned the most. Really grateful for a perfect use of language, no word was out of place and every word delivered knowledge and insight. So happy the author had an our slot (although it felt like 15 min to me!)»

    I have a report of the event (in Spanish) here, in case you want to see the pics or read it.

    1. Thank you very, very much Pablo! I am touched by your kind words. It’s been a real honour to present my first paper here and I’m glad to have passed on the things I’ve learnt through my research! I hope my future articles and talks will be as enjoyable. I will definitely read your article (my Spanish is very rusty but I’ll try anyway).

        1. Thank you Pablo! It managed to read your article in the original version, it was the occasion for me to dust off my Spanish.

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